March 17, 2020



Commentary for March 17, 2020:

One of the things about how Sonic is usually portrayed these days is that he never really loses his cool. You rarely ever see him actually get upset or angry (not even after being imprisoned and tortured for six months). Now, that is, as I understand, a bit of a Sega mandate; they donít like Sonic showing too much emotion. There was actually a case of art for the Archie comic having to be revised in light of this, because the first draft had shown him full on ugly crying, and Sega didnít like that, despite the context. But if having his children erased from history isnít reason enough for Sonic to start sobbing, what is?

Now, even though Iím not beholden to Sega, Iíd still like to hue fairly closely to the personalities of the characters in official media, because I love and respect the source material. But this is an exception, and one I think can be justified. Sonic believes he just lost a friend, something heís never experienced before, and heís understandably angry about it -- maybe even angry enough to kill. Whether or not this will change him long term remains to be seen, but itís important to understand that the difference between Eonís World and any official Sonic media is that things do not return to status quo at the end of every story. Everything can change, and that includes characters like Sonic.

That said, I donít want to turn Sonic into a moody, vengeful, brooder. So donít worry about that. Just donít expect the Sonic you see in Eonís World in the future to be quite the same guy as the one you see now.

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