April 6, 2020



Commentary for April 6, 2020:

What could Timmons be planning, I wonder? Actually, I donít wonder; I know. Because I wrote the script. But hey, youíll need to keep wondering for a few days at least.

Anyway, Tails, Rotor, and Tekno seem to be just about ready with the space bridge. Now, in Eonís Comic, Tails built the space bridge all on his (sic) own, which is impressive even for someone as smart as him. Thatís why I figured it made more sense to have help from Rotor and Tekno. Iíve also completely reimagined the space bridge from how it originally looked. Originally, I made the bridge out of a launch bay door from Metroid Fusion. I did consider using basically the same sprite again here, but I figured Tails had become familiar with Horatioís portal device in Chapter 17, and therefore modelled this space bridge on that, with the additional chamber for the warp ring, which Eggman had installed on the space bridge aboard the ARK. Thatís why this space bridge looks the same as the portal device Shadow destroyed. Now, unless something goes horribly wrong, you should actually get to see this portal activate.

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