July 1, 2020



Commentary for July 1, 2020:

I actually really struggled with the script for this page for quite a while, and re-wrote the dialogue several times. Part of what I was trying to do was to get things up to the usual six panels, but eventually I just had a eureka moment and remembered that it doesn’t actually have to be six panels at all and, besides, doing panel 5 as a double sized panel allows for a big shot like that where we see the small army GUN has sent to capture Sonic.

Fun fact, the working title for this chapter, before I finalised the script, was ‘Picnic in the Park’. In the original version, told in Eon’s Comic #113 through #116, Doctor Eggman had a whole scheme to lure Sonic into the open where GUN could capture him that involved planting a bomb in the city park. I had originally planned a much more faithful re-creation of that story than what I ended up writing, hence the working title, which was a bit of dry humour. The story wound up being a lot darker this time, so I changed the title to ‘Public Enemies’, which I think fits better. But I still wanted the park to be an important location in the story, hence Sonic and Sally meeting and being captured there on this page.

Credits: GUN mech sprites originally by Kompi.

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