August 2, 2020



Commentary for August 2, 2020:

At the risk of making the subtext text, Sonic and Eggman absolutely do not trust one another. Both expect the other to betray them at some point, but they donít want to show their hand just yet, which is why this little game of chicken worked out for Sonic -- this time. Sonic took a huge gamble here, because Eggman could have refused to budge and where would that leave Sonic or, more importantly, his friends? But Sonic can be reckless, as weíve established, and will risk it all to do what he thinks is right, which in this case was refusing to murder Knuckles. Itís just as well for him that Eggman, who is absolutely planning to betray him, needs to keep Sonic on his side for just a little bit longer yet in order to pull off the truly crushing defeat he has in store for him.

Now, in the original version of this story, told in Eonís Comic #127, Sora-Ya showed up alone on the ARK in a shuttle and just sent Knuckles off to basically assassinate Eggman. No support, no bigger plan, just straight up kill the guy so the Echidna Empire could be avenged for what he had previously done to them. That was very obviously not good enough for the calibre of story Iím trying to write here, so I made it more of a dark reflection of how the Freedom Fighters used Sonic during Eggmanís occupation of Westside Archipelago -- send him to keep Eggman busy by taking out his heavy weapons, while the Freedom Fighters destroy his supply lines and infrastructure. Thatís why Sora-Ya said theyíd be taking a leaf out of Sally Acornís book on this mission, to send Knuckles to keep Eggman occupied while she and her agents take control of the ARK once again.

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