August 14, 2020



Commentary for August 14, 2020:

Welcome to the start of Chapter 34: ĎInsurrectioní, the second season finale for Eonís World Vol. 1.

Fun fact, season 2, as originally planned would have ended with Chapter 35. This story would have still been the finale told in that chapter, but there would have been one additional story unrelated to the current arc slotted in a couple of chapters back. But as I approached this arc, I decided not to interrupt the narrative flow with an episodic side story like that. That story is still coming, however, and will be told in Chapter 36, early in season 3. So donít worry, youíre not missing out on anything Iíve had planned.

But letís talk about this chapter and this page, shall we? This scene was actually the last part of the script I wrote, having originally began the story where the next page picks up. But as I was approaching the end of the script, I decided I needed a scene like this to help set the stage for what is coming in this chapter. Setup, payoff, et cetera. Itís just storytelling 101, really.

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, but the original Eonís Comic got very political back in the day. I donít just mean it included characters whose identities are dismissed as ďpoliticalĒ by status quo warriors; I mean, it had actual scenes on the Senate floor with politicians debating and voting on legislation. You know, boring stuff. There may be occasion for a little bit of that now and then in Eonís World, but I intend to use it much more sparingly, so as to keep the story from getting dull. But politicians sitting around and conspiring to do something cool like this? Yeah, Iím still going to include that. But Iíll try to keep the legislative stuff to about the same level as the New Mobotropolis council in the latter days of Archie Sonicís pre-reboot continuity.

Anyway, last thing of note. One of my long-time deviantART watchers, VioletWhirlwind made a suggestion recently that a place like Central City could be a smaller region of the larger capital city of Grand Metropolis, much like how Manhattan is a smaller region of New York. I decided to run with that and make Central City one of five major districts in Grand Metropolis, the other four being North City, East City, South City, and West City. After all, Grand Metropolis is a massive city, the size of a small country; it completely covers what in our time is the Korean Peninsula and it has a population of approximately one billion people. Yes, billion with a B. So of course itís going to be made up of smaller districts, which undoubtedly have smaller sub-districts within themselves. Of course, the naming convention Iíve gone with is also a little bit of a nod to Fullmetal Alchemist, where the major regional cities of Amestris also have those names. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an excellent cartoon, by the way, and has been a major inspiration on both my art style and my storytelling, and I like to at least pay homage to the things that inspire me in little ways like this, where I can. But yeah, full credit to VioletWhirlwind for making the initial suggestion.

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