March 8, 2020



Commentary for March 8, 2020:

You may recall that Knuckles used this space transporter to reach the ARK in Chapter 13, when he was trying to recover the Master Emerald from the Echidna Empire. Once again, it is essentially supposed to be the transporter Doctor Eggman presumably used in Sonic Adventure 2 to reach the ARK when Shadow told him to meet him there, although we only ever saw Rouge using it.

In any case, there isnít a great deal to say about this page. Itís reasonably faithful to the scene from the 2018 remaster of Eonís Comic #76, albeit a little expanded. Blaze made a similar comment about Eggman using his talents for evil when he could use them for good then, too. Itís a question we could ask of any of these super intelligent villains. Like, Lex Luthor could do so much more good, if only for himself, through legitimate business, but he insists on trying to kill Superman instead. Similarly, I think Eggman could do tremendous good if he werenít trying to use his technology to take over the world.  

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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