March 27, 2020

Content warning: blood, violence, death


Commentary for March 27, 2020:

We last saw Evelyn Blackwood in Chapter 16, but for a story where she really got to show off her powers, youíd need to go all the way back and check out Chapter 6, which is also where we last saw Nack. Nack was the only member of Team Hooligan to escape arrest at the end of that chapter, and he hasnít been able to free Bean or Bark since then.

In any case, in the original version of this story, told in Eonís Comic #80 through #83 back in 2003, Doctor Eggman actually sent Nack and the OC replaced here by Blackwood to kidnap Silky and Eon, while sending Metal Sonic to kidnap the Meridian President. I did originally plan to re-tell that story almost verbatim, albeit with some changes to the character roster, but I decided against Silky and Eon being kidnapped again. I didnít want Silky to come across as a helpless princess who needs to be rescued all the time, nor Eon to come across as just useless, which is why I only had the mercenaries come for Mortimer, while Silky and Eon help Sally and CJ fight the Badniks.

Moreover, I changed the reason for Mortimerís kidnapping from what it was in the original story, which was to ransom him. Honestly, ransom is so beneath Eggman. Yes, he entertained the notion when he was working with the Echidna Empire, but that was their idea, not his. On his own, if Eggman is going to kidnap someone, itís going to be for some other, more intellectual reasons than simply extracting money or concessions out of some authority, unless heís been backed into a corner.

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