May 30, 2020



Commentary for May 30, 2020:

It occurs to me that my bandit sprites kind of look like your typical white nationalist militiamen. Shaved heads, goatees, cowboy hats, and masks. I donít think it was intentional, but there was probably some subconscious stuff going on behind the scenes. I think the look fits a gang of angry human bandits who donít seem terribly enamoured with Mobians.

Anyway, a little bit about the Wolf Pack as Iíve reimagined them for Eonís World. As with a lot of the stuff from Archie Sonic, my aim is to draw on inspiration from both the pre- and post-reboot continuities. A lot of the pre-reboot inspired stuff wonít come up in this chapter, as itís mostly lore and backstory. But the location, Thunder Plains is taken from the post-reboot Archie book and it was where Lupe and her people seemed to live. Sadly the series didnít continue long enough to reveal as much about the Wolf Pack as weíd seen in the old continuity, so their size and range was never really established. For Eonís World, I imagine it is a large collection of communities spread across the region (which basically corresponds with southern Mexico in the real world), probably over a couple of Meridian provinces, and Lupeís village in Thunder Plains is only one of many.

I donít want to get bogged down with a lore dump built on musings and half-baked ideas, however. Just including the Wolf Pack in Eonís World at all is a decision I literally made while writing the script to the last chapter, so a lot of this needs to be fleshed out in my own head, still.

In any case, for that fourth panel, I didnít really know what to have Sonic saying or thinking, but I didnít want a silent shot of him just running either. Then I thought, why not just have him singing the SatAM theme song to himself? A little tongue-in-cheek gag like that now and then keeps things from getting too serious. And, my goodness, are things going to get serious in this series.

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