June 17, 2020



Commentary for June 17, 2020:

Am I using cartoon animal people to make a point about how we sometimes assume someone is a criminal or a terrorist because of the colour of their skin, the religion they follow, or where theyíre from? Yeah, big time. Iím not trying to hit readers with an anvil here, but Iíd like to think some of the themes Iím exploring are fairly obvious.

Anyway, this page made me aware of how there arenít really any regular wheelchair users in Eonís World. Now, just as queer representation is important in fiction, so is disabled representation. Technically, I do already have disabled characters in Eonís World. Bunnie Rabbot is an amputee, as is Serena Darkstorm in Vol. 2, and Iíve written a few characters, like Blaze the Cat and Delta Starfire, as autistic (although, Iím not sure how much it counts if I never state it outright), so itís not like there are no disabled characters in this fiction. But some people are wheelchair users and I think it would be nice to try and give them some representation here, too.

But Dawnís not it. Sheís in that chair because she literally just got out of surgery after getting shot in the lower abdomen. Sheíll be on her feet before the end of the day if she has anything to say about it.

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