June 13, 2020



Commentary for June 13, 2020:

Pages like this are a delight. Itís so easy to just stick to the standard six equally sized panel format, but I really should try to change things up a bit, like this. Those last two panels worked out very nicely, after all, so I think Iíll try experimenting with more of that going forwards. I think it could really help with the flow of some scenes, as well as keeping it just more visually interesting.

I should also comment on Kari-Yaís seeming propensity for lying to her mother. Itís not that Kari-Ya is a compulsive liar, although I can see how one might get that impression. Rather, well, I did say I planned to explore themes of abusive parenting, didnít I? Sora-Ya is not a very understanding parent. I imagine Kari-Ya has been raised getting yelled at and punished for every little failure, every little thing that displeases her mother, to the point that extreme secrecy and lying to protect herself has simply become second nature. It is simply a question of survival for her. In fact, that survival instinct is probably also part of why she left her patrol to die fighting GUN, while she ran. No, Sora-Ya would never actually harm her daughter physically, even for what she did on the previous page; but she would definitely have a go at her about it and make her feel like a worthless failure whom she is ashamed of, hurting her on a deep, psychological level that only a parent can, while being totally oblivious to the harm they do. And the fear of that is more than enough to make a child lie to a parent.

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