March 7, 2020



Commentary for March 7, 2020:

So a tiny little lore dump in that first panel, at least where Britannia is concerned. The Steward is not an elected official, but someone appointed to head the state in the absence of a reigning monarch. They are, of course, essentially based on the Stewards of Gondor from The Lord of the Rings, who ruled in the Kingís stead, at least until Aragorn came to claim the throne. That said, unlike Gondor, Britannia is a republic, governed by an elected parliament, which is led by a prime minister; the reigning monarch or the Steward, while not a totally powerless figurehead, isnít basically a glorified dictator either, and they can be removed from office if they abuse their power. Either way, the Steward is appointed to their office, not elected.

Anyway, once again, this is a Blaze the Cat story, which completely replaced a story involving a crossover with the SatAM cast in the original Eonís Comic. It was around about this time that I brought in the Sonic from SatAM, leading to some antics involving two Sonics. When I replaced all of that with a Blaze arc instead in the 2018 remaster, the two Sonics thing had to go. But one thing I did keep was the location of the Sand Ocean, where Doctor Eggmanís Pyramid Base is located. Instead of the ĎSegaí and ĎSatAMí Sonics having a brawl here, however, I made it into a desperate charge by the heroes to reach Eggmanís base for... well, come back tomorrow and see.

Now, when I originally redrew the world map for Eonís World in 2011, I threw out a lot of the garbage fantasy locations in favour of ones based on real places, and turned the Sand Ocean into ĎSahara Territoryí. Well, I know itís kind of naughty of me to do this, but I recently switched that back, as an addendum to the world map I created a few weeks ago now. So, what we know as the Sahara Desert is known to the people at the time of Eonís World as the Sand Ocean. Yes, itís named after a level in Sonic Adventure 2, but itís appropriate. Itís not a nation state, because the number of people who actually live there can probably be counted in no more than the hundreds, so itís simply a territory of the United Federation.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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