April 1, 2020



Commentary for April 1, 2020:

Happy April, dear readers!

Now, a lot of webcomics do something silly for April Fools Day, but Iíve never been that great at coming up with jokes, so itís just the next page in the story here.

Maybe itís just the increasing cynicism I have towards politicians in the real world (especially the type Harold Mortimer is based on), but I had to really think about Sallyís answer in panel 4. Why is she going after him to try and rescue him? Because itís the right thing to do? Well, why is that? After all, Mortimer is trying to take away support from people who need it, which could be really harmful to them. Maybe Iíve just become so surrounded with images of guillotines and calls for revolution as a common response to every awful thing the British or American governments do in the real world, that I find it hard to conceive of a good person like Sally actually bothering to rescue a self-centred jackass like Mortimer.

Honestly, itís a bit of a trope, really, but Sallyís a good person -- sheís a hero -- and sheís not going to let someone be killed or otherwise harmed if she can do something to save them; it doesnít matter who they are. Mortimer is an opponent, but that doesnít mean she wishes death on him, nor do I think sheíd wish death on anyone, not even a true enemy like Doctor Eggman. It really just comes down to the heroes being better people than the villains and that means showing kindness and compassion even to people who would never do the same in return. And yeah, that does sometimes come back to bite you, but is the world really made better by such ruthlessness?

Honestly, I have a lot of friends whoíd probably say yes to that. But I would not.

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