August 18, 2020



Commentary for August 18, 2020:

A few months ago, I made a revised map of Earth for Eonís World, which included pretty much all the major locations introduced in the Sonic games over the last two decades, as well as a bunch of places from some of the cartoons and comics along with some of my own locations. Most notable, I think, are the places introduced in the Sonic Adventure games, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Unleashed. And Mazuri is one of those places -- a location from Sonic Unleashed based on several places in Africa. In Eonís World, Mazuri is a whole country located in western Efrika south of the Sand Ocean. In fact, you can see more or less where it is on the map screen in the background of panel one, where the green marker shows the location of the Ajax. (The red marker is the approximate location of the Freedom Stormer.)

And talking of the Ajax, this is another idea that didnít occur to me when initially planning this story. But as I was getting ready to write the script to this chapter, I was thinking of the complications and obstacles the heroes will have to face for it to be a compelling story, and thatís why I decided to bring in the various characters whoíve played a significant role in this arc. Arguably Ajax was the catalyst for the whole thing, after all; they picked up Blaze the Cat after she destroyed the Eclipse Cannon and took her to Area 99, where she was imprisoned to be experimented on until Sonic freed her, thus triggering everything that has happened between GUN and the Freedom Fighters since. It makes narrative sense for Ajax and for Captain Smithson specifically to be here right now, as youíll hopefully see in a few more pages.

Also, can I just say? That final panel? Mwah! Chef kiss!

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