September 1, 2020



Commentary for September 1, 2020:

Having somewhere to lay low until their names could be cleared wasnít a thought that occurred to me when I wrote the original version of this story, seventeen years ago. Stories were a lot more condensed back then and I ended one page with Sonic and the freed captives escaping on a shuttle with Timmons and began the next page with essentially what will be coming next (I donít want to spoil things here, though). But having introduced Lupe and the Wolf Pack in Chapter 28, I figured this was a good place for the Freedom Fighters to find sanctuary for the moment. After all, escaping from prison doesnít mean theyíre out of the woods just yet; if GUN knew where to find them, they would almost certainly come for them. But here, at least, they are relatively safe, under the protection of the Wolf Pack, not that General Davis would have any respect for their territory if he knew. But I imagine Lupe and her people would be willing to fight GUN to protect their friends.

Anyway, as a reminder, Grand Metropolis is on what was once the Korean Peninsula, whereas Thunder Plains is in what was once Central America, so there is a fairly huge time difference between them of about 14 hours. While itís evening in Thunder Plains, itís morning already in Grand Metropolis, so Sonic, Sally, and Timmons need to head there right away to testify before Congress. Of course, crossing the Pacific Ocean is a long flight on modern aircraft, but this is a shuttle capable of interplanetary travel, so by flying up to a sub-orbital altitude, the journey time is drastically reduced.  

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