May 22, 2020



Commentary for May 22, 2020:

It occurred to me, while writing this chapter, that we havenít seen Cream fly yet... so why not make this the story where she learns she can? And, well, the scene wrote itself from there, really.

The monorail train I originally made in 2010 towards the end of Eonís Comic, and is one hundred percent custom, as were most of the vehicles I used at that point. Originally, it was for an Echidna Empire base on Titan (which you may be familiar with if youíve read Vol. 2), but I decided to use it here because itís a lot better than the custom job train I originally cobbled together for the Eggman Express back in 2003. I had planned for a Mad Mole Badnik to be driving it, but found that a Clucker fit better.

Credits: Some prop sprites originally by ZinDinTimeYUM.

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