June 27, 2020



Commentary for June 27, 2020:

Iím trying to be a wee bit more experimental with some of the panels in this chapter and hopefully going forwards, too, which is how we end up with shots like panel 5. (I mean, I say ďexperimentalĒ, but I only really mean experimental for a sprite comic.) Iíve always shied away from such extreme close ups on sprites of that size, however, because at some point they just become blocks. Then again, people seem to like Minecraft. Still, some higher resolution sprites for shots like that would be very useful... very useful indeed...

Anyway, itís not terribly obvious from that final panel, but Timmons is meant to be inside a mobile operations centre (think a big military trailer with computers and stuff inside it), because there isnít a GUN base in Station Square. As established in Chapter 23, the closest GUN base is Fort Farragut, about two hours away from here. To be honest, most cities donít have actual forts in the middle of them; they may have offices or recruitment centres, but not bases where troops and tanks and stuff are stationed. Those tend to be outside city limits.

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