April 22, 2020



Commentary for April 22, 2020:

Okay, dear readers of no specific gender, strap yourselves in for what is going to be the longest (and possibly the wildest) chapter of Eonís World Vol. 1 to date! This is a heavily overhauled version of the story from the 2018 remaster of Eonís Comic #101 through #105, which was itself a complete replacement of the story told in the original 2003 version, so when it comes to comparisons, I shall likely be talking about both, but mostly the 2018 version.

Fun fact, Casino Night Zone never once appeared in Eonís Comic. I did have a casino setting that featured quite prominently in the seriesí middle years, but it was an Eonís Comic original and not something from any of the Sonic games, which is kind of silly, given that there are some perfectly good options available. In any case, where a casino setting is needed in Eonís World, it will most likely be Casino Night Zone or Casinopolis in Station Square. That said, maybe the reason I never included Casino Night Zone is because the Sonic 2 background sprites never quite fit well with the quality I aspired to, even early on. Indeed, I didnít even use a single asset from the actual Casino Night Zone for the scenes set there on this page. But I like what I did here better than what I would have had if Iíd used the stuff from Sonic 2. Now, maybe thatíll show up when we have a story that takes place actually in one of the casinos there, but thatís not what this story is about.

Anyway, who is Vermin? Well, nobody important to Eonís World. Heís a sneak and a thief and thatís all that you need to know for the purposes of this story. But he is actually based on a character from Fleetwayís Sonic the Comic, where he was one of Doctor Robotnikís agents who later became Vermin the Cybernik. No, I donít plan to do anything with Cyberniks in Eonís World (at least, not at this time), but I wanted a minor character whoíd be up for stealing a piece of valuable tech from a powerful businesswoman for the right price, and I figured why not go with someone from existing Sonic lore? Indeed, thereís a lot of that coming up in this chapter.

There are a couple of other lore references on this page, too. Breezie, of course, is Breezie the Hedgehog, who first appeared in AoStH and many years later briefly appeared as a casino owner and media mogul in Archie Sonic. She will appear in the flesh in Eonís World and when she does, she will be very much based on her Archie portrayal. Iím pretty excited about that, but that wonít be for a while yet. The other reference is Mammoth Mogul, a recurring villain throughout the first volume of the Archie Sonic comic, who later went on to take over the Casino Night Zone. I have no plans to feature the character himself as I donít really have a use for him in Eonís World, but I figure having a casino named after him is a neat reference.

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