April 25, 2020



Commentary for April 25, 2020:

I feel like Iíve said this before, but sprites can be super annoying to work with when you want a character handling a small object. In this case, the ĎMiles Electricí PAD Tails is handing to Sonic in panel 3.

Now, why is Never lake in Britannia? Well, why not? Itís not like any of the locations in Sonicís world are well defined in the game canon, after all. Moreover, itís another reference to Archie Sonic, where Never Lake was determined to be in Mercia, which is pseudo medieval Britain country as described in yesterdayís commentary. (In Eonís World, however, itís not in the Britannic province of Mercia, but Northumbria, corresponding to the region we today know as the Lake District in northwest England. Indeed, I even decided which of the lakes ended up becoming Never Lake at this distant future time.)

And talking of references, Deerwood Forest is a place in Archie Sonic, obviously based on Sherwood Forest, and the handsome hedgehog outlaw of legend is, of course, a reference to Rob oí the Hedge, a character from Archie Sonic who was based on Robin Hood. In Eonís World, however, Rob oí the Hedge is not a contemporary of Sonicís and will not actually be appearing at any point in the story. Assuming he was anything more than a legend, he lived and died centuries ago now. (Plus, I really never cared for the character in the Archie series. I found him incredibly annoying.)

Anyway, yes, all that talk about the Little Planet in the previous chapter was foreshadowing of this story, where, as you may guess, most of the action will be taking place on the Little Planet.

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