June 22, 2020



Commentary for June 22, 2020:

Welcome to Chapter 30, ‘Public Enemies’, and we begin with another flashback. I did think of having several flashbacks sprinkled throughout this chapter, like I did with Chapter 26. They would have revealed more details about the Eggman Occupation of Westside Archipelago, essentially showing the meta events surrounding the events of the games Sonic 1 and 2 as they happened in the canon of Eon’s World, particularly the stuff involving the Freedom Fighters and the ways they were individually hurt by the Occupation. But I quickly realised that a good deal of that wasn’t actually relevant to this particular chapter, so I settled on just this one flashback so as to prevent the project from rapidly ballooning out of control. There’s a lot of ground to cover here as it is, after all. And besides, those flashbacks can keep for another time. Never let a good idea go to waste, after all.

But because it’s a flashback, I decided to show Sally here in her classic Archie Sonic appearance. Sally in Eon’s World is not Archie Sally, obviously, but she is heavily based on her, and her appearance is a mix of her pre- and post-reboot looks (the pre-reboot body with a variant on the post-reboot outfit, essentially). Here in the past, she’s still dressed like a Mobian, with only minimal clothing, but in the present, where she has to deal with humans as a respectable representative of her province, she dresses more like a human. I suppose it’s an open question as to how she feels about that, too. Being the social justice warrior she is (and she absolutely is), I imagine she finds it fairly galling to be expected to pander to human expectations in her attire. On the other hand, she’s a savvy negotiator and a skilled politician, so she understands the necessity of good optics to make sure she can enact her agenda. At the end of the day, it’s all about results.

Oh yes, I feel I should remind readers what “threshold” means in the context Davis and Sally are using it in, because it hasn’t come up for a while. As established in Chapter 3, the “deployment threshold” (or simply “threshold”) is the maximum amount of military force GUN is authorised to unilaterally deploy to a combat zone. In order to exceed this level, GUN must be authorised to do so by a vote of Congress. This is something that I intend to explore more fully in future chapters, so I’m not going to talk much about it here. In this scene, what matters most about threshold is that it sometimes gives GUN a convenient excuse to not involve themselves in conflicts that don’t interest them. But why would GUN stand by and let Doctor Eggman run amok like this? That’s a good question, but one you’ll need to wait a little while yet to learn the answer to.

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