July 9, 2020



Commentary for July 9, 2020:

Oof, more new sprites! This time, itís a couple of Eggman from behind so I could convincingly show him looking out the window. Iíd say these sprites will come in handy going forwards, but... *knowing smile* 

Anyway, Iím not entirely sure what was going through my mind when I came up with the original version of this story back in 2003. But I think I must have just recently seen the original Toby McGuire Spider-Man film and was channelling the scene where the Green Goblin tries to persuade Spidey to join him. Some of the dialogue from the original version of this story in Eonís Comic #120 was lifted right out of that scene. I think I was writing Eggman then as one hundred percent sincere in his offer to make Sonic his lieutenant, but approaching the remake of that story for Eonís World, I didnít feel as if that was terribly true to the character of Eggman. True, I can write him however I want, because this is fanfiction, but Iíd like to stay reasonably faithful to who he is in the official fiction. And I donít think Eggman would ever sincerely make Sonic an offer like this.

You may recall in the previous chapter that, when Eggman found out GUN was after Sonic, he saw this as an opportunity to destroy him. And what better way to destroy a hero than to turn him into a villain? This is all a sadistic game to Eggman, to bring his nemesis as low as he can be brought, to utterly demoralise him, to undo all that is good about him, before finally killing him. The first step is to make Sonic doubt himself, to make him feel isolated and alone, so heíll be willing to consider siding with Eggman for the sake of his friends. But Sonic is too tough to fall into that trap.

At least for now...

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