June 26, 2020



Commentary for June 26, 2020:

Well, you didn’t think Eggman would let all this happen without trying to capitalise on it, did you?

I don’t have a great deal to say about this page, honestly. It was quick and easy to make because I basically had all the pieces I needed for it already, so it took me less than two hours to throw it together. But I will briefly talk about what Eggman says in that last panel.

A friend of mine once commented on the way in which some children’s fiction will shy away from using the word “kill”, preferring instead to use a more ambiguous word like “destroy”. But they felt this was actually a lot darker, as destroying a person could be potentially far worse than simply killing them. To kill a person is merely to end their life; but to destroy a person could be to ruin who they are, to corrupt them, to turn them into the very thing they have always fought against, or even to break them psychologically. And that was the feeling I wanted to evoke here with Eggman’s plans for Sonic.

This chapter is pretty dark and it will get darker before the end.

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