April 19, 2020



Commentary for April 19, 2020:

I should clarify that by this point, Eon is 17 years old. When we started this series, he was 16, but his 17th birthday was in April. Iíve said so before, but it bears repeating: time passes in Eonís World and the characters do age. For the record, Silky is still 15, but barely. Sheíll be turning 16 in July. What does this have to do with anything? Well, in your late teens you tend to stop thinking of yourself as a kid and start to resent people calling you one or treating you like one. Eon looks back on things like a family trip to Never Lake as when he was a kid. But ten years from now, heíll be looking back on today as something that happened when he was a kid. Heck, the original version of this story is something I wrote when I was a kid, but I sure didnít think of myself as one then. Our perspective changes as we get older.

But what about that would-be assassin? How old is he? I donít know, old enough to have been an adult when Prince Dante was still alive, I guess? It doesnít actually matter, since we wonít be seeing him again after this chapter.

So, as a reminder, Prince Dante was Silkyís uncle, who arranged for her mother, Queen Felicity to be murdered, hoping the throne would pass to him. While he succeeded in murdering his own sister and brother-in-law, he didnít get away with it and took his own life rather than face life imprisonment. This was previously exposited on in Chapter 3, along with a lingering threat of Dante loyalists. And yes, that was entirely setup for this moment right here, where one of them has just made an attempt on Silkyís life.

A friend recently described me as a planner, rather than a pantser (i.e. someone who flies by the seat of their pants) and they are absolutely right. I plan so much of Eonís World far in advance (often years in advance) and yes, this was an event I had planned over a year ago now. I do like it when we finally get to the pay off.

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