August 24, 2020



Commentary for August 24, 2020:

This is a page of two halves. On the one hand, I really donít care for that second panel. I want to find a way to make gunshots and tracer fire look better, and Iíll probably be working on that between seasons. But that sixth panel, with Knuckles smashing in the door? Mwah! Chef kiss! Initially, I was going to very painstakingly edit the door sprite from the resistance base map in Mega Man Zero to be all bent and broken, but I figured it would be quicker and could actually look better if I just drew the damn thing from scratch using the door sprite as a guide. I think it worked.

Anyway, what could be keeping Nicole, Sally, and Timmons from responding to Sonic? Well, I assume you read the last couple of pages. If not, what are you even doing? Go back and read the rest of this chapter -- heck, the rest of this series -- or none of this will make any sense.

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