August 29, 2020



Commentary for August 29, 2020:

The original version of this story was very condensed. Too condensed, really. Eggman had no sooner begun his attack on the base than he was overwhelmed and brought down by GUNís defences. But as Iíve been trying to establish during GUNís encounters with Eggman in this season, they are very squishy when they go up against him. Itís only by taking his frigate by surprise like this that Ajax was actually able to deal such critical damage, with those Chekhovís railguns there.

Talking of which, can I just say, Iíve been itching to show those guns firing since I first made the Protector class cruiser model a few months ago? Now, I know they appear to be shooting bolts of sci-fi blue energy, but theyíre very specifically not lasers or any other type of directed energy weapon. A railgun accelerates a projectile using electromagnetic force, so theyíre actually shooting slugs at the Egg Frigate (slugs as in inert projectiles, not the invertibrates). While still largely experimental, railguns are very real and the US Navy in particular is developing them for their ships. They would also probably be the type of weapon youíd find on a military spacecraft, at least for fairly close quarters engagements. Over the much greater distances in space, after all, light lag would make it impossible to target an enemy vessel in real time until it comes within relatively close range. Even lasers, which move at the speed of light, would suffer from light lag and, at this point at least, military use of lasers as weapons is still fairly minimal in Eonís World.

Anyway, surely the Freedom Fighters are good to go now? Well, not quite. There has to be at least one last complication, after all...

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