April 7, 2020



Commentary for April 7, 2020:

I was quite excited about writing this argument between Sonic and Sally, because I feel like it really exemplifies their contrasting characters. In both the SatAM cartoon and the Archie Sonic comic, the two of them often butted heads like this, where Sonicís impatience and need to take action would run up against Sallyís caution and appreciation for the bigger picture. Sonicís no strategist (heck, heís barely a tactician); he just does what seems right to him in the moment, and rarely gives a thought to long term consequences. On the other hand, Sally is very much a strategist and a tactician, who prefers a solid plan over rushing in, guns blazing.

But which of them is right in this instance? Well, thatís not really a question that can be answered right now, I feel. Perhaps things will be clearer by the end of the chapter, but I will leave it down to the readers to decide for yourselves which of the two you think is right.

Oh yes, Iím also trying to give Johnny Lightfoot more to do. I feel like heís just kind of been there so far, and I donít want to include characters like him just for the sake of having them be present. I want them to actually play a part in the story, so youíll be seeing more of him.

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