April 28, 2020



Commentary for April 28, 2020:

Many years ago, I did some serious work overhauling the strange looking mountaintop town or castle or whatever it was supposed to be that appeared in the background of one of the Special Stages in Sonic CD. It looks as if I had intended to use it as Soleanna in Eonís Comic one day, but never found the opportunity to. I believe I also considered using it as Elven city, but again, the opportunity never arose, and so my efforts seemingly went to waste... Until I came to this page and found myself casting about looking for something that would serve as the Mages Guild. And that strange looking mountaintop settlement was perfect, even the floating island parts fit nicely into the centre of all magic on Earth.

Anyway, weíre back in Reference City here, with a couple more characters from Sonicís expanded lore making an appearance, and one at least being namedropped. First up is Ebony, a sorcerer from Sonic the Comic, who made a handful of appearances in the seriesí latter half. I decided last year while planning out the story of Eonís World Vol. 1 that she would be the First Archmage, but I hadnít intended on her appearing quite so early as this. Still, thereís a lot about this chapter that didnít end up the way I had originally planned it.

The second reference is Merlin Prower, here serving as the Second Archmage. Merlin was a wizard and charlatan who appeared in Archie Sonic, and he was also Tailsís uncle. I see no reason for that to not also be the case here, but I donít expect thereíll be much interaction between him and Tails. Tails in Eonís World is a very different character to one in the Archie comic, with no affinity to magic whatsoever (although Archie eventually dropped that and forgot about it completely after the Titan Tails story... thank the gods); moreover, I imagine Merlin is somewhat estranged from his family, as are many mages in Eonís World. Whether the two will ever interact or not, I havenít decided.

Finally, I guess I did it after all. I mentioned in Chapter 6 that I could have just used Regina Ferrum, the Iron Queen as the technomancer Eggman hired to attack Knothole, but I felt mercenary work was beneath her and I also wanted my own OC to fill the role for narrative reasons. I also said that I had no plans to include Ferrum in Eonís World, as I couldnít see a role for her. Well, thatís changed. Sheís been namedropped here and will almost certainly be appearing in Eonís World at some point now. The thing about Eonís World is, even my most meticulously planned material is negotiable right up to the 11th hour if a better idea occurs to me; and with this chapter in particular, I found I couldnít rely too much on my original plans if I wanted to tell a compelling story. But more on that later.

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