February 18, 2020



Commentary for February 18, 2020:

I must say, writing this younger, brattier version of Kari-Ya is really quite fun. At this time, she’s not overly invested in the Echidna Empire, as one might gather from her argument with Sora-Ya. Now that might just be teenage rebellion; she’s actively disinterested in the thing her mother pours her heart and soul into. Nevertheless, she can’t help wanting her mother’s approval. It’s that complex relationship a lot of us have with our parents; even when we have strained relationships with them, part of us still wants them to be proud of us. Kari-Ya is a complex character whose story I am looking forward to retelling over the next few years in Eon’s World Vol. 1, to show you, dear reader, how she goes from where she is now to where she is by the time of Eon’s World Vol. 2.

One thing about Kari-Ya hasn’t changed between now and then, however, and that’s Horatio’s fondness for her. In fact, I dare say Horatio’s loves Kari-Ya more than her own mother does. Now, Horatio is, of course, not actually her uncle, as he is Sora-Ya’s cousin, not her brother. So that makes him Kari-Ya’s first cousin once removed, if you want to get technical. But a lot of families tend to simplify these things, which is why Horatio has always been treated as Kari-Ya’s uncle. It is simply the role he has played in her life.

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