March 5, 2020

Content Warning: blood, death


Commentary for March 5, 2020:

Another benefit of doing Eonís World Vol. 1 in this format is that the longer form storytelling means I can extend scenes a wee bit, because a page goes up literally every day of the week, rather than just two pages a week. If I want, I can also change up the panel layout (which admittedly, I havenít done yet this season). Things feel a little more relaxed this way, without the need to cram a complete story into 18 panels or a multiple thereof, which was how it was in Eonís Comic. Even if I was just working with multiples of 6 instead, that would still be a lot easier than the way it was before. If a conversation runs a little long, or I need the extra space to get some important info in, I can take another page to do it without too much trouble.

Even though I made the original version of this story in 2018, long after Eonís Comicís original run, it was still very much constrained by the original format, and that made establishing shots like panel 5 (both on this and the previous page) into fluff I didnít really have the space to include. But with this more relaxed format, I can indulge myself a lot more.

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