July 13, 2020



Commentary for July 13, 2020:

Another scene that is fairly faithful to the original here. In Eonís Comic #122, Timmons was also attacked by a robot (specifically a Mega Man X boss robot, Necrobat, because I did not understand the Mega Man timeline and thought it was fine to include bots from the X series in the same era as Doctor Wilyís Robot Masters), while separated from her comrades, and Sonic showed up in the nick of time to save her.

Whatís different about it this time is that Timmons wasnít separated from the group by the robot attack, but by McKenzie ordering her to stay and guard the shuttle while his team went after Sonic. This allowed me to have a much tougher Badnik go after her and for it make narrative sense, because naturally something bigger and more powerful would be sent to destroy the teamís shuttle. I also wanted to make Timmons less of a damsel-in-distress this time around. In the original, she was literally cowering in terror from the attacking robot. But despite what McKenzie and Davis say about her, Timmons is a trained soldier with years of experience. The only reason sheís calling for help is because sheís been disarmed and is genuinely outmatched by this Super Badnik. GUN soldiers are actually pretty squishy compared to Badniks, to be honest, which is a cue I totally take from Sonic X, where literally every time GUN tried to fight Eggman, they just ended up embarrassing themselves until Sonic showed up and saved their butts. Seriously, if Badniks went down easy, thereíd be no need for Sonic or the Freedom Fighters.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned that, in the original version of this story, the GUN troops hunting Sonic were attacked by Robot Masters from the Mega Man series. In that version of the story, I wasnít just using them as extra Badniks; they were actually robots built by Doctor Wily, who was a character in Eonís Comic (at least very early on). But this time, I am just using a Mega Man sprite as an extra Badnik. This is a boss robot from Mega Man Zero, which I havenít played a lot of (because Mega Man games are murderously difficult and Iím a scrub who refuses to get good). But there are some excellent sprites in it and some of them make decent Badniks in a pinch.

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