August 28, 2020



Commentary for August 28, 2020:

So, of course the heroes werenít going to be left to die of hypothermia, but I did want that moment of tension at least, and it made sense that GUN would send robots to try and stop them. In the original version, GUN hardly ever used robots, mind you, because there were no sprites of GUN robots available in 2003 -- at least not official ones and I didnít care for the custom jobs that did exist, nor was I yet skilled enough to make my own. And, while the Sonic Rush GUN robot sprites are hardly the best -- I frankly feel as if they really dropped the ball on most of the enemy sprites in that game -- theyíll do for this one occasion.

But because there were no really good sprites of GUN robots at the time I made the original version of this story, our heroes just got to the surface and had a brief moment of panic when the shuttle wasnít there, before Timmons showed up aboard a shuttle in the next panel. But complications make for a more interesting story, donít they?

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