July 26, 2020



Commentary for July 26, 2020:

I fully expect someone to comment on this page on the various social media platforms I share it on with, ďAre you there, God? Itís me, Timmons.Ē And to you folks I say, knock yourselves out.

Rouge wasnít in the original version of this story. To be fair, neither were Sally or Uncle Chuck. But I wanted the unfolding plan to feel more like an actual plan and not just some badly thrown together improv. I donít think the original version of this story was improvised; I think I was writing plans ahead of time by this point. But my writing skills werenít very developed yet, so I didnít think to set things up quite so well. In any case, Rouge being here is a neat little cameo and will make sense in the context of whatís coming next.

Oh yes, a note on some of the visuals here. Knights of the Round for the SNES has some cool background assets. I needed to give them a slight overhaul before using them in Eonís World, but they are quite good for things like a rural village like in panel 3 through 7. Too many of the towns and villages use the same assets with slightly different window dressing in this series as it is, so it can be nice to change things up a bit.

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