April 23, 2020



Commentary for April 23, 2020:

You know, itís strange, but I never actually had much in the way of decent forest canopy assets for Eonís Comic. I had reasonably good stuff for inside a forest, but very little for above, and I had to adapt some stuff from fairly obscure games (well, games Iíd never played or heard of myself at least) to make those first few panels really work. It was a bit of a slog, but I am very pleased with the result, so yay! 

Anyways, those references to Sonic lore will just keep on coming throughout this chapter, and thereís another couple right there in the first panel. This time, theyíre just a couple of locations. The first is Mercia, which is a province of Britannia in Eonís World. But in the Archie Sonic comic, Mercia was a country that had a sort of pseudo-medieval European (particularly British) theme to it. Mercia is actually a real place, however; it was one of the several early medieval kingdoms that predated the unified state of England and roughly corresponds to the modern day Midlands. Although Britannia in Eonís World is fifty thousand years removed from the real world British isles and any history between the two is purely geographical and not political at this point, Mercia does essentially correspond the to location of the historic Kingdom of Mercia.

The other reference is the city of Knottingham, which Tails mentions. Again, this is a reference to a place in Archie Sonic that was actually called Snottingham Castle most of the time. I think the name Knottingham was only ever used once, but I prefer it spelt that way, since it feels like a playful reference to a knot in a tree, and I imagine the city in Eonís World to have been founded by forest-dwelling Mobians a long time ago. Snottingham, on the other hand, just sounds like a silly joke. The irony there, however, is the real-world city of Nottingham (which is actually where I was born and raised) was historically called Snotingaham, after the Saxon chief Snot, and the name meant ďthe homestead of Snotís peopleĒ. Yeah, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

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