May 19, 2020



Commentary for May 19, 2020:

So in yesterday’s commentary, I said I’d talk about Auto Automatons in greater detail later. Well, it’s later. Auto Automatons (i.e. lifelike robot copies of real people) were a thing that appeared a handful of times in Archie Sonic, first and most notably in the Princess Sally miniseries. Using them in this story is basically a homage to the Archie series. (I may not need to say any more than that, really, come to think of it. We’ll see.)

But, as I was writing this first scene, I was hit with a moment of inspiration and remembered an episode from SatAM’s first season, ‘Sonic and Sally’, in which Doctor Robotnik created a robot copy of Sally to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters. Rotor and Tekno’s exchange in panel 1 is basically adapted from similar lines from that very episode as a bit of a homage to that, too. Heck, even the line “enough memory to duplicate Mobian complexity” is a reference to that episode. It’s a good episode.

Oh yes, I also didn’t originally plan to include either Rotor or Nicole in this chapter, but I figured Tekno would want to confer with a fellow engineer about Auto Vanilla, and from there, having Nicole run an analysis of the robot just made sense. And so did Amy being there to give Cream some emotional support.

Credits: Rotor sprites originally by Cylent-Nite; additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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