April 27, 2020



Commentary for April 27, 2020:

So hereís where I apply a bunch of headcanon to how the Little Planet works. In Sonic CD, you travel through time by passing a Past or Future signpost and then maintaining enough speed to go into time warp. You donít have to be anywhere near any particular signpost, you just have to have passed one to gain the ability to time travel. Thatís great in a videogame, but in a comic like this, I figured it was necessary to explain the time travel slightly differently while still being true to the spirit of the source material, which is why the signposts mark the presence of a temporal anomaly that can be accessed with enough speed.

Anyway, the huge double panel finally makes its return here! Honestly, thatís mostly because I needed the next scene to start on a fresh page, but this scene only needed five panels. But it kind of works, really, because it shows just how far behind Sonic is, thanks to that spell Blackwood cast on him on the previous page. Still, even though she did take away his super speed for a minute or two, heís still fast enough to have been able to follow her and Nack.

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