March 30, 2020



Commentary for March 30, 2020:

So how come that E-1000 hasnít started thawing out yet? Well... itís night time in April...? It can still get pretty cold at that time of year at night, I guess? Plus, itís the distant future, when the Earth may be heading into another ice age. Goodness knows, they donít have global warming to deal with in this time because they donít use fossil fuels. But really, donít worry about it. The Badnik will stay frozen long enough, which is all that matters.

Now, Sallyís line about overclocking Nicole is a very deliberate reference to... well, Overclocked Nicole, in the Archie Sonic comic. Is that a hint that we one day see Overclocked Nicole in Eonís World? Well, Iím not going to confirm that at this time... but Iím not going to rule it out either. The honest truth is that I donít know.

Finally, I havenít actually given Sallyís full backstory yet, and the commentaries isnít the place to do it, either. Iíd rather it unfold through the story in the comic itself, after all. I will just say that Sallyís backstory is not the same as in SatAM or the Archie comics; sheís not a princess here, after all. But there are similarities. For instance, she was raised by her father, who is no longer around, thanks to Doctor Eggman. However, I donít think heís still alive, which is a major departure from the source material. More info about him will come later, probably. But whatís important here is that Nicole is all that Sally has left from him at this time. Nicole also has a whole backstory, which will be explored, too, but not just yet.

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