June 7, 2020



Commentary for June 7, 2020:

Welcome to Chapter 29, 'Rogue Island'!

Iíve always had a bit of a shortage of civilian or NPC sprites, which can make crowd shots a bit of a challenge, often forcing me to make a lot of bespoke sprites, which causes work on a page to slow right down. For this page, however, I just grabed a bunch of NPC sprites from Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX, and added a couple of my custom Mobian sprites to the mix. Minimum possible effort, I guess, but I could have spent an ungodly amount of time doing this page if I wasnít careful.

Anyway, I guess Iíll address the elephant in the room. Eon and Silky swim naked? What the hell? Well, first of all, Eon doesnít usually wear more than shoes and gloves at this point, same as most male Sonic characters. And the only things Silky usually wears right now is a pair of shoes and a tank top. So, why would they put on more clothes to go swimming? Clothing is very much optional for Mobians. Just check out the old Archie Sonic comics and youíll see what I mean. For a while, Sally Acorn literally only wore a pair of boots, and for the longest time all she wore on top of that was an open vest.

In any case, like the obsessive Sonic fangirl I am, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about the cultural reasons for the way Mobians dress (or donít), and this here is perfectly normal and acceptable for them. So donít @ me.

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