August 31, 2020



Commentary for August 31, 2020:

So, Eggman’s capture by GUN here is reasonably faithful to the original version of the story in Eon’s Comic #129. Although, in that version, his ship wasn’t destroyed, it just seemed to be forgotten by the story. That’s why, in this version, I brought Captain Smithson in so that there’d be someone there to deal with the Egg Frigate, ensuring Eggman was cut off from all support, making it actually plausible that GUN could arrest him. But yes, in the original version of this story, GUN did arrest Eggman at this point, and that hasn’t changed.

It made narrative sense to me for Smithson to be the one to take out the Egg Frigate, of course, given the events of Chapter 22, where her ship, the Ajax was the sole survivor of a previous encounter with it. Now, if this seems like a strange heel face turn for her, hold onto that thought for the moment, as we’ll be looking in on Captain Smithson again before the end of the chapter.  

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