May 1, 2020



Commentary for May 1, 2020:

I think Sonic is at his best when he’s written as a genuinely cool person. Not cocky or arrogant, and definitely not a bully, but as a kind and friendly type, who’s always there for his friends. The way he’s written in the current IDW comics as well as the later Archie ones is pretty much the ideal I’m trying to model here, but I’m also taking cues from the cool kids in Steven Universe. And that’s why Sonic, while surprised to find that Tails has grown up to be a woman, quickly accepts it and moves on. Because that’s what a cool person -- a cool friend -- does.

But I guess I should address the elephant in the room. Yeah, I’ve cast Tails as a trans woman in Eon’s World. If you’ve ever checked out my deviantART gallery, you might have seen this pic. It wasn’t just a “what if?” pic, but a declaration of intent. This chapter here is a bit of a window into the future, where we get to see glimpses of things to come and this is one of them. By the time Tails appears in Vol. 2, she will have transitioned already and will look basically as she does here and in that pic. (I shall also be using female pronouns for her in all future commentaries from this point on, so I guess I may need to link back to this when I do.)

So, what inspired me to put this queer spin on an established Sonic character who is well known to be Sonic’s brother-from-another-mother? Well, funny story, but I was watching my metamour do a Let’s Play of Sonic Adventure two years ago and it quickly became popular opinion in the chat channel that Tails is an egg (i.e. a trans person who doesn’t yet realise they’re trans -- they are “unhatched”, as it were), and, frankly, I can totally see it, so I decided to run with it and make Tails trans in Eon’s World. You see, Tails is officially eight years old and probably always will be in official Sonic media. The characters don’t really change or grow in the Sonic franchise, after all, so Tails will never actually grow up. But in Eon’s World she will, which means she can change, she can grow, and heck she can have a life-altering epiphany that she is transgender and realise she needs to transition to become the person she knows she is inside.

Anyway, Evelyn Blackwood has found the Time Stones! But what gives? Hardcore Sonic fans may recognise that the assets I used for panel 4 are from the past version of Tidal Tempest, rather than the future. To be honest, it started out with me just wanting a cave backdrop, but then I thought, “What if the deeper underground you go, the more like the past the Little Planet starts to look?” I also thought, “Maybe the Time Stones being all together like this creates a weird temporal distortion where past and present co-exist?” It could be either. It could be both. But this story isn’t going to tell.

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