April 14, 2020



Commentary for April 14, 2020:

Oh, donít worry, folks. Sonic and Blaze will absolutely be seeing each other again. In fact, I even have it good authority that Blaze will be making her debut in Eonís World Vol. 2 very soon... although, chronologically, that takes place much later than this and Sonic and Blaze will be seeing each other again in the interim.

Anyway, I guess I finally did it, so let all doubt be set aside now that, in Eonís World, Blaze the Cat comes from the planet Avalice from the Freedom Planet series. It bears repeating that the reason I went with Avalice rather than the alternate dimension of the games canon was for a number of reasons. One, I didnít want to do the whole dimension hopping thing; for the sake of world building, I wanted to consolidate everything in Eonís World into a single universe, rather than having a whole multiverseh. Two, Freedom Planet started out as a Sonic fan game and retains many qualities in common with the series itís based on, so I feel as if itís a natural fit for Avalice to also exist in the same universe as Sonicís world, which is why I chose it for Blazeís homeworld. And that brings us now to the actual Freedom Planet characters who appear in this scene -- General Gong and Neera Li (who is actually playable in Freedom Planet 2). And of course, I also included a couple of Avalician soldiers.

The problem Iíve had with the Freedom Planet characters is the size of their sprites. Freedom Planet is more based on the Mega Drive era of Sonic games, which had much bigger sprites than the Game Boy Advance era ones I use in Eonís World, which is a problem if I want to also use Freedom Planet sprites. Honestly, itís the reason Iíve avoided it up until now. But I guess being comfortable with resizing sprites from Sonic Mania for this comic meant I could be content with doing the same for Freedom Planet sprites. It took a bit of trial and error to get the right scale, but I think shrinking them to 70 percent their normal size should just about do.

The problem is, doing so does make them look a little grainy. Could I have fixed that? Honestly, yes, absolutely. The problem is time, which is why I chose not to (at least, not this time). Believe it or not, a single sprite can take up to an hour to get just right, and while I have every intention of telling future stories set on Avalice (Sonic Rush Adventure, after all, is set on Blazeís world), itís going to be a while yet, and I didnít want to make the time investment for just one scene. Besides, Iíve resized Badniks like this and itís never looked awful. Sub-optimal, maybe, but still acceptable, I think.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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