July 8, 2020



Commentary for July 8, 2020:

This chapter is going to require quite a few bespoke sprites. I mean, to be fair, many of the sprites I use are custom jobs I made myself, but what I mean by ďbespokeĒ in this context is that they are specifically made for a particular moment. Eonís Comic got like this towards the end, and it was actually a significant part of why I ended the series early in 2011. There was just too much need to make sprites of characters in unique poses that I might never even use again (thus defeating the entire point of using sprites to make a comic) and I also started to run up on what I then perceived to be the hard limits of sprite comics. I need to be careful not to exhaust myself making bespoke sprites for almost every panel like I once did, but taking breaks between seasons is built in to Eonís World Vol. 1, whereas Eonís Comic only ever took two breaks, one in 2003 and one in 2010 -- the former because I was in Cornwall for a week and unable to get any new pages online (or even make any) and the latter because of burnout for the reasons illustrated above. I didnít even break to study for my exams during my four years at university.

But yeah, on this page, those bespoke sprites are Dutch leaning up against the locker (like a bully in a 1980ís high school movie), which also appeared on the previous page, and the backhand in panel 3. Now, in the Archie Sonic comics, Dutch never really came across as a jerk. To be perfectly honest, neither he nor the rest of his team ever came across as anything in any of their three appearances in the book. Paladin team Sigma-Alpha 2 were over-engineered anime characters (because it was 2001 and we were still riding high on that late 90ís anime craze) with zero personality. (Maybe thatís why they were later shown to have been turned into mindless cyborg zombies by Eggman about a decade later, because it literally could not have been a waste of interesting characters.) So, by characterising Dutch as a bully and a jerk and a raging misogynist who doesnít believe women have any business being in the army and who will hit a woman who talks back to him if he can get away with it, I donít feel as if Iím doing the character any injustice.

Anyway, as you can no doubt see, we are about to catch up with Sonic and his illustrious host in tomorrowís page.

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