June 18, 2020



Commentary for June 18, 2020:

Say it ainít so, Knuckles!

In the original version of this story, Silky and Eon came to Angel Island, but they never crossed paths with Knuckles at that time. He was captured by GUN along with Sora-Ya and put on a cruiser bound for parts unknown, which they then escaped from in much the same way as they do here. In fact, their exchange in the last couple of panels is reasonably faithful to the original, too.

Itís the encounter with Silky and Eon that is new. And once again, this is because it was narratively unsatisfying for them to make a completely pointless journey here. At the very least, they needed an encounter that be relevant to the story at large, which this one shall be, as youíll soon see.

Also, can I just say how much Iím in romantic love with that final panel? Mwah! Chef kiss!

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