August 19, 2020



Commentary for August 19, 2020:

Sometimes I have too much to say in a commentary like this and need to severely edit it down. Other times, I canít think of anything to say and end up procrastinating for ages, looking up things like the highest mountain in Australia out of curiosity. (Itís Mount Kosciuszko, by the way, and itís surprisingly low at only 2,228 metres above sea level, which is only around 900 metres higher than Scotlandís highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Kosciuszko also looks a lot easier to climb. Then again, I guess Australiaís not really know for its mountains, is it?)

Yeah, this was a page where I couldnít think of much to say in the commentary. I guess I could say that I did a little experimenting with the backgrounds aboard the Egg Frigate to make them look a little smoother, and I may be going forwards with more of that in the future. Also, the story here is slightly different from the original version, told in Eonís Comic #128 through #129, where Sonic and Knuckles actually used Eggmanís transporter to beam into the GUN base. I really donít like transporters as a means of travel, however, but they do exist in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and in Sonic Adventure 2, both of which are canon backstory to this series, so I do need to acknowledge them as existing; but Iíve elected to severely limit how useful they are. For instance, a transporter only works if there is a transporter pad at both ends; it canít beam something just anywhere. There is a pad in Eggmanís base and a connecting pad on the ARK, so it only really goes between those locations, which is why they need to use a warp ring this time. Also, I could have had them warp from the ARK, but I wanted this scene between the heroes and Eggman before the action starts, which is why theyíre doing it from the Egg Frigate.

And talking of the Egg Frigate, that first panel? I am chef kissing vigorously over it.

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