July 2, 2020



Commentary for July 2, 2020:

In the original Eon’s Comic, this was actually the moment where Sonic and Timmons first met. But I changed that to Chapter 24, when Sonic broke Blaze out of Area 99 instead for this remake. It made sense in context and also allowed for some juicy drama, which I’m very much here for. But, in addition to all that, it gave me an opportunity to make Timmons a more three dimensional character early on, which is important to me. Spoilers, she is a major character in Eon’s World and even this particular arc of hers is nowhere near done just yet.

Anyway, Sally Acorn is a left-wing progressive; she’s anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, and she believes that everyone’s basic needs should be met and that the state should exist to serve the people, not corporations and not the military-industrial complex. She believes in a society built upon a foundation of empathy, solidarity, kindness, compassion, and love. In other words, she believes in social justice. These are all fairly mainstream leftist values; but of course, her detractors dismiss her as, at best, a frothing-at-the-mouth “social justice warrior” and, at worst, a dangerous extremist who needs to be stopped at any cost. And if you think the military responding to someone like her in this way is unrealistic, there was a British army general who threatened a mutiny in the event that Jeremy Corbyn -- a moderate leftist -- became Prime Minister. Art imitates life.

But I’m getting a little sidetracked here. Sally’s politics aren’t the sole reason why Davis wants her arrested. Obviously, so much of what he accuses her of is trumped up nonsense that isn’t even true. The Freedom Fighters aren’t Sally’s “private militia”. She’s not conspiring against the United Federation. And she has no ties whatsoever to the Echidna Empire. So, why is Davis after her? Why is Davis after the Freedom Fighters at all, when Sonic is the only one who committed any crime? I ask all this at the risk of making the subtext text, but Sally already speculated that there was more going on here than what’s being said. But keep those questions in mind, dear reader. They will be answered...


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