April 12, 2020



Commentary for April 12, 2020:

As corny as it is, I really love the main theme song to Sonic Forces, ĎFist Bumpí. Heck, it was that song and Sonicís interaction with the Rookie in that game that at least partly inspired how Sonic and Blaze interact throughout this arc. And, of course, before he says goodbye to her, one more last fist bump.

Anyway, this is basically Blazeís personal journey as a character coming to its conclusion, having now learned the value of friendship. Sure, I havenít even tried to follow the plot of Sonic Rush, but what Sonic comic, official or fan-made, has? (Actually, Iíll bet thereís a fan comic somewhere that has.) Instead, Iíve focused more on Blaze's personal journey and built a story around that that fits Eonís World, and I'm pretty heckin' proud of it, too.

But itís not quite over yet...

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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