February 27, 2020



Commentary for February 27, 2020:

You know, it’s funny how some things stick with you. I personally think the English dub of Sonic X is garbage. I find the original Japanese version of the cartoon fairly enjoyable; I have my gripes about it (mostly in the way it focuses so much time and attention on an uninteresting supporting cast of human characters, who really distract from Sonic and the gang), but it’s well animated and still quite fun to watch. The dub, however, ruined it by completely replacing the entire soundtrack -- not just the voices, but the kickass music was also replaced with something much blander, and the sound effects were replaced to make bullets sound like generic cartoon lasers -- to say nothing of editing the animation to hide any reference the original version made to alcohol. To this day, I’ve never been able to watch the dub much beyond the first 20 or so episodes. But the line, “bye-bye, batty,” from episode 9 has somehow stuck with me all these years.

Anyway, there’s another reference to some deep Sonic lore in that final panel there. Echidnaopolis was the name of the echidna city on Angel Island in the Archie comics. It doesn’t exist in Eon’s World, because Knuckles is the only sentient being still living on Angel Island; any towns or cities there are ruins now, abandoned decades or even centuries ago, and their names and histories don’t really matter to this story. But the city Tikal lived in that we see in Sonic Adventure was never named, so I thought, “why not?” and borrowed the name Echidnaopolis for that place.

Credits: some Rouge sprites originally made by Zig Sonar.

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