July 6, 2020



Commentary for July 6, 2020:

In the first draft of the script for Chapter 30, I had Davis actually believe Timmons. Oh, he still intended to put Mason in charge of Area 99 and he was pretty nasty to Timmons, calling her a poor excuse for a soldier and promising to reassign her to some dead end posting in the middle of nowhere. But as I was putting together the art for page 30.12, I started to realise how absurd it was for not a single soldier present during that scene to snitch on Timmons. Moreover, Davis is not a fool. Wanted fugitives keep escaping on Timmonsís watch, sometimes right after sheís expressed misgivings about GUN going after them. Davis is going to put the pieces together, even without an informant. So I changed the script to have him basically decide to discharge Timmons with the intent of imprisoning her for insubordination.

But why is he giving her another chance?

Well, frankly, itís a kind of power play. Davis is determined to assert his dominance over Timmons, one way or another. Discharging and imprisoning her is one way he can exert power over her, but itís not ideal, because he wouldnít have really ďwonĒ that way. Heíd much rather break her -- break her will, break her spirit, break her determination to stand up for what she thinks is right, and force her to defer to him always, to follow him unquestioningly, to accept his judgement as final and never think for herself. Thatís what authoritarian leaders want: unquestioning obedience and loyalty from everyone under them. He could just get rid of her -- he has that power. But heíd rather force her to become what he demands of her. And if she fails or betrays him, he can use that to further justify hurting her in recompense.

Davis is, honestly, just as cruel and vicious as Eggman, but in a different, more sublte, and ultimately more real way.

Anyway, thatís this chapter over. There are only five more chapters to go before we reach the end of season 2. Originally, my plan was to begin Chapter 11 of Eonís World Vol. 2 after this, but Iíve had a bit of a change of plans. Iíll give more details at the end of Chapter 34. Donít worry, though, Chapter 11 is coming, it just wonít be as soon as Iíd originally intended.

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