July 22, 2020



Commentary for July 22, 2020:

So, it occurred to me just before starting this page that Devil’s Island is located off the coast of the Southern Tundra, in what is today the Antarctic Circle. Given the time of year, it is winter in the southern hemisphere and fairly dark for most of the day this far south. This twilight is about as light as it’s going to get and it is, of course, bitterly cold outside.

Anyway, I wanted to include this scene for two reasons: one, to give us a look-in on the captive Freedom Fighters (although, we’re only getting to see Antoine right now); and two, to introduce the commander of Devil’s Island before the season finale, where he will be reappearing for a slightly bigger role. Talking of which, Hugo Brass is another character from the Archie Sonic comics. He first appeared in issue 98, the Sonic Adventure 2 tie-in, along with Paladin team Sigma-Alpha 2, whom you’ve already met. He never had a huge role and eventually became one of Doctor Eggman’s minions, but I wanted to give him a part in Eon’s World, the same way I did with Sigma-Alpha 2.

Fun fact, it was a late decision to include Brass like this. But when I wrote the line in Chapter 30, “Typical, the Brass gets to have all the fun,” I originally intended for that to just mean brass as in military slang for officers. But it occurred to me that there is actually a military officer in Sonic fiction with the name Brass, so I capitalised it as a deliberate foreshadowing to Hugo Brass’s appearance as the commanding officer at Devil’s Island. I don’t know that he was ever explicitly intended to be in the navy or if he was meant to be in charge of GUN as a whole, but Commander is a naval rank, so that’s why I’ve made Brass a naval officer here.

But I’m avoiding the darker themes of this page. Antoine, of course, cares deeply about his friends and would take a bullet for any of them. But I may be implying something more by the lengths he’s willing to go to on Bunnie’s behalf, and I’m not going to be coy here; Antoine married Bunnie eventually in the Archie comics and, spoilers, I fully intend for that to be the case here, too. They’re not an item yet, but they most certainly will be eventually. But yeah, Antoine, still recovering from a gunshot wound, has put his health at serious risk to get an audience with Commander Brass, because Bunnie’s cybernetic limbs have basically been destroyed. An EMP will do that and the only way to repair machines affected by an EMP is to rip out and replace all the electronics. So she’s currently got three non-functional cybernetic limbs, which has got to be a pretty harrowing experience for her; like losing her limbs all over again. It is possible to harden electronics against the effects on an EMP, but that simply didn't occur to Rotor or Tails when they built Bunnie’s cybernetics. I feel kind of bad that we won’t be getting a look-in on the rest of the Freedom Fighter captives in this chapter, but we will be in the next one, for sure.

Oh yeah, Commander Brass mistakenly calling Antoine “Commander Depardieu” is a reference to Antoine’s full name in the SatAM cartoon, where he was Antoine Depardieu, not Antoine D’Coolette like in the Archie comics. Personally, I hate Antoine’s characterisation in the cartoon, which is why I base my Antoine almost entirely on the comics version(s). I am very much over the stereotype of the cowardly Frenchman, after all.

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