August 16, 2020



Commentary for August 16, 2020:

Many years ago, back in the days of Eonís Comic, I flirted with the idea of making Laura Timmons gay. She would have been the first openly gay character in Eonís Comic, too, had I ran with that idea. I think part of my motivation was as a ďtake thatĒ to the US military, which still did not allow openly gay people to serve at the time. But I pulled that punch in the end, because I felt that a gay woman in a stereotypically masculine profession like the army was kind of playing into the stereotype of the butch lesbian. Of course, butch lesbians are valid, but at the time, I didnít want my first canonically gay character to be a stereotype. So I never revealed her sexuality. In fact, Iíve never even decided it, not even to this day. Nevertheless, Iíve always wanted there to be some queer angle to Timmons, which is why I decided to reveal here that she has gay dads. Thatís partially inspired by a player character in the second season of Dice Funk as well as Bow in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, both of whom had gay dads. Make it gayer is my mission, after all.

Anyway, I didnít mention them in yesterdayís commentary, but of course Sigma-Alpha 2 was there in the first panel of the last page looking out across the Great Forest valley, because theyíre here to hunt down and eliminate Timmons. I almost didnít include that in this chapter, to be quite honest, but I felt it was important to have a scene with them in it, given what Dutch said in Chapter 31 about hunting down Timmons and executing her. Setup and payoff -- basic storytelling once again. As a matter of fact, a lot of this chapter, as youíll see, is about the part the various characters whoíve been involved in this arc will play in its end, so quite a few more characters will be making appearances yet. Iím actually quite proud of what Iíve written, too, so go me!

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