July 5, 2020

Content Warning: death, mild gore


Commentary for July 5, 2020:

Doctor Eggman is a nasty piece of work. How the character has been portrayed in various Sonic fiction varies from extremely goofy and harmless to downright sinister and dangerous. I tend towards the latter, with a hint of occasional goofiness. Basically, I take my cues from how Ian Flynn has written him in the official Sonic comics since 2006. But do we ever see him straight up kill anyone? Not really, but youíve got to assume heís willing and able to do it. He frequently tries to kill Sonic in almost every piece of official fiction, and in the Archie comics and the game Sonic Forces, the heroes are literally fighting a war against him, of which he was the aggressor. People are killed in war. And, as Chapter 1 of this comic established, he destroyed half of the Moon fully cognisant of the fact that there were a million people living there, and as this chapter established, thousands died in Westside Archipelago during the occupation. Doctor Eggman is a mass murderer with no compunction about ruthlessly slaughtering people who get in his way. And I think the occasional reminder of that, like on this page, is important.

Now, in Eonís Comic, I let the amount of gore I was willing to show get to truly ridiculous levels. Not to the level of Game of Thrones or anything, but more than I think was appropriate for a fan comic based on a franchise of cartoon animal people. Heck, even as late as Chapter 7 of Eonís World Vol. 2, I went a little overboard with the amount of visible carnage. Itís not something I ever plan to repeat to such a degree, but nor do I plan to turn this comic into an overly sanitised childrenís cartoon from the 90ís that refuses to even use words like ďkillĒ or ďdieĒ. I think The Clone Wars cartoon had a reasonable level of on-screen violence, so I shall probably be using that as a guide. In any case, I donít intend to ever get more graphic than The Lord of the Rings.

Anyway, enough of me trying to justify Eggman literally crushing two GUN soldiers under his mechís foot. The conversation with Sonic on this page wasnít in the original version of this story. Eggman just showed up and captured Sonic without any real conversation (and Nack the Weasel was there to help, too, for some reason). But I decided to expand on this scene a little by dropping some hints as to what Eggman is up to. For the answers, however, youíll need to wait for Chapter 31.

So, day after tomorrow.

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