Eon's World 1.0 is currently undergoing a remaster, which I hope will be a general improvement to the story and will create greater consistency in terms of lore and canon between Eon's World 1.0 and Eon's World 2.0. Long time fans needn't worry, because the overall story of 1.0 will be essentially the same, and only very minor, barely noticeable changes will be made to 2.0. Pages #001 through #150 are available to read now, and I hope to have more ready and online again soon, though it will take time as I am also working on the next chapters of Eon's World 2.0.

Eon's World 1.0

Interested in reading the classic comics from 2011 and earlier? Then look no further! Here you will (eventually) be able find all 843 pages of Eon's World 1.0, originally written between October, 2002 and February, 2011 and remastered beginning in 2018!

Alternatively, if you're interested in the backstory to Eon's World 2.0, but just haven't got time to read 843 pages, you'll find a handy summary of every 50 pages below.

Pages 01 - 50

Beginning with a fourth-wall-shattering and extremely non-canon first page, the first fifty pages cover the election of wannabe Sith Lord, Harold Eastwood as President of the United Federation of Meridia and the machinations of the terrorist group known as the Echidna Empire, which result in the unexpected arrival of the Decepticon leader, Megatron from a parallel universe, and the reappearance of Shadow the Hedgehog, who had supposedly been killed while saving the world a few months earlier. Add the usual antics of Doctor Eggman and a trio of Digimon to the mix, and you have business as usual for a sprite comic, circa 2003.

The story in these pages takes place between mid October 2502 and early March 2503.

Pages 51 - 100

After the accidental arrival of Blaze the Cat from a parallel universe, Doctor Eggman learns of the Sol Emeralds and is determined to seize their power for himself. After both Blaze and Sonic are caught in an altercation with GUN, Sonic becomes embroiled in a plot by the Supreme Commander, General Davis, to eliminate him once and for all.

The story in these pages takes place between early March 2503 and late June 2503.

Pages 101 - 150

Branded as a criminal by GUN, Sonic is forced to seek an unlikely alliance with his arch-nemesis, Doctor Eggman. However, unbeknownst to Eggman, President Eastwood has been working in secret to remove the corrupt General Davis from his position of power in the military and, with the help of Senator Cookirini and General Timmons of GUN, he is able to devise a plot that will clear Sonic's name and see both Davis and Eggman arrested for their crimes.

Following Eastwood's resignation, a new presidential election is held in Meridia, and former Freedom Fighter, Sally Acorn runs for office to replace him. But, meanwhile, with Eggman out of the picture, the Echidna Empire steps up its own game in its designs for world domination, and Tikal has visions of a dark future...

The story in these pages takes place between late June 2503 and late December 2503.

Pages 151 - 200

Shadow the Hedgehog is back, Meridia has a new President, and Doctor Eggman is up to his usual no-good. But this time, he has rebuilt his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg! Can our heroes defeat Eggman and his giant battleship, or will the mad scientist reign fire and death upon the people of Earth?

Meanwhile, what sinister machinations is the Echidna Empire orchestrating from its hidden fortress? And while all eyes are on the threats posed by Eggman and Sora-Ya, who is watching the growing menace of the orcs in the Black Mountains...?

The story in these pages takes place between the end of December 2503 and mid June 2504.

Pages 201 - 250

With the Death Egg destroyed, Doctor Eggman is forced to return to his pyramid base in the Sand Ocean and plan anew for his conquest of Earth, in which the discovery of the gizoid, Emerl, will play a significant role. But in Britannia, the Royal Guard are faced with the impending threat of Urg the Unclean's vast orc horde, marching south from the Black Mountains to assail the fair city of Sabrina.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the future, the Echidna Empire seizes control of Angel Island and fortifies it against both GUN and its mighty Guardian, Knuckles the Echidna, and an ancient evil from before recorded history finds its way back into the world...

The story in these pages takes place between mid June 2504 and mid December 2504.

Pages 251 - 300

The Echidna Empire begins a renewed campaign of terror, launching airstrikes against the people of Earth from their unassailable position upon Angel Island. Meanwhile, as GUN's Supreme Commander, General Timmons becomes a threat to the long-term plans of the military's shadowy overlords, she finds herself under threat from them and must seek allies to bring them down.

Meanwhile, the gizoid, Emerl has become fast friends with Sonic the Hedgehog and his associates and is steadily becoming a powerful fighter, renewing Doctor Eggman's interest in the project, as well as generating interest with other parties...

The story in these pages takes place between mid December 2504 and the end of May 2505.

Pages 301 - 350

After Emerl sacrifices himself to destroy the Egg Carrier, Doctor Eggman has finally been defeated. But the threats to the people of Earth do not end with Eggman's demise. The recalcitrant nation of Geraldonia is flung into civil war by an uprising against its tyrannical government, leaving the United Nations Senate with no choice but to send military aid to the resistance. But as GUN enters Geraldonia to overthrow President Ratzinger's regime, the Echidna Empire, having learnt much from Emerl, has built an army of gizoid soldiers, with which they finally have the strength to make war upon the United Nations of Earth, beginning with an assault upon Station Square.

In the meantime, having learnt of the presence of a Sith Lord somewhere on Earth, Eon Squirrel travels into deep space with the mysterious Katherine Elm to seek the aid of the fabled Jedi Knights...

The story in these pages takes place between the start of June 2505 and late November 2505.

Pages 351 - 400

As the Union-Imperial War begins, the Warlords, cut off from their official ties to GUN and now working in secret from their spacecraft, the Oblivion, seek to manipulate the war-time politics of the United Nations of Earth in order to sway it from liberal democracy to an authoritarian police state. As nation states fall to the advancing Imperial army, anti-war Chancellor, Samanfur the Fox is ousted by a vote of no confidence, to be replaced by hard-line pro-war C. Marvolo Howard, leading to a rapid escalation in the conflict. Meanwhile, Eon Squirrel returns to Earth with Jedi Knight, Serena Darkstorm to find his world at war, and reluctantly resolves to become a Jedi Knight himself to help the Union in any way he can.

In the midst of all this conflict, former Senator of Meridia, Cookirini helps the entrepreneur and peace advocate, Doctor Orange to establish the Zainin Academy, an educational establishment that values peace and understanding and seeks to promote dialogue between the Union and the Empire. However, unbeknownst to Doctor Orange, Cookirini has designs of her own, particularly where a certain high profile student, Kari-Ya, daughter of the Empress Sora-Ya herself, is concerned...

The story in these pages takes place between late November 2505 and late May 2506.

Pages 401 - 450

As the war continues in earnest, Eon Squirrel and Serena Darkstorm follow the trail of the secret Sith Lord, who has drawn many orcs to her cause, as she runs a competing agenda with the Imperial Federation and the Warlords for the conquest of Earth. Kari-Ya learns the truth about her mentor, Cookirini -- the self-same Sith Lord, Darth Acerbus -- and pledges herself to her as her new apprentice. Warlord James R. Corinthian consolidates his control over the Warlords and their syndicate by executing his triumvirate colleagues as traitors and replacing them with men loyal to him -- former GUN Supreme Commander, Marcus Davis, and former Geraldonian dictator, Leviticus J. Ratzinger.

Meanwhile, as the war progresses and more states fall to the Empire, the Union responds with new, more advanced warships to meet the Imperial onslaught. But even the mighty Protector class battlecruisers cannot stem the tide of war, and the Empire succeeds in annexing Geraldonia, opening all of the Americas to Imperial invasion. Eon learns the identity of the Sith Lord through Tikal's visions, but is unwilling to believe that his friend, Cookirini could have so embraced the powers of darkness.

As the war goes ill, discontent grows among the peoples and nation states of the Union. Knuckles the Echidna, struggling to find a purpose with Angel Island under Imperial control, receives a field commission with the Army of GUN and Chancellor Howard forces constitutional changes through Parliament to give himself more executive powers. The Socialist Siberian Republics seeks to secede, leading the Chancellor to order an attack upon the nation. Resisting his orders, Supreme Commander Timmons is arrested for treason and replaced by Air Force commander, General Holmes -- but little does Howard realise that Holmes is an agent of Corinthian, working to overthrow the democratically elected government of the Union and replace it with a military dictatorship. With a seemingly more cooperative leader in command of the military now, Howard steps up his campaign against the Empire...

The story in these pages takes place between late May 2506 and mid November 2506.

Pages 451 - 500

With his renewed influence over GUN, Warlord Corinthian sees the Zainin Academy laid to waste in an attempt to eliminate his rival for power, Darth Acerbus. The Union forges an unlikely alliance with the Geraldonian Nationalists in order to oust the Empire from the Americas, the Union's first major victory since the war began.

But, even as things are beginning to look brighter, the Warlords' plans move into full motion. GUN's Supreme Commander, General Holmes sends the new army captain, Knuckles the Echidna on a mission to arrest Sonic the Hedgehog, as a threat to the Union's war efforts, little realising that he is playing into the hands of the Warlords. Betrayed, he goes AWOL and vanishes without a trace.

Meanwhile, aboard the ARK, the eminent scientist, Doctor Svalbard learns of a plot by GUN to rebuild the Eclipse Cannon -- a weapon capable of wiping entire nations off the map. He relays this information to Queen Sakura of Britannia and President Acorn of Meridia, who confront Chancellor Howard. Howard promises that the weapon will only be used as a last resort, little realising what the Warlords have planned for it.

With the weapon complete, Howard prepares to call for the immediate surrender of the Empire, but is betrayed at last by General Holmes, who turns control of the weapon over to his true master, Warlord Corinthian. Corinthian unleashes the power of the Eclipse Cannon upon the capital of the Union, Grand Metropolis, laying the city to waste and killing over a billion people. Expecting the Union to be cowed in the face of this ultimate weapon, Corinthian attempts to seize control of GUN and use it to subjugate the people of the Union under the banner of his new world order.

But there are many within GUN who resist and, united by Queen Sakura and President Acorn's efforts, the governments of the Union's member states come together to fight back against Corinthian's onslaught. The Six Day War begins...

The story in these pages takes place between mid November 2506 and early April 2507.

Pages 501 - 550

With the Warlords defeated, the ARK destroyed, and Warlord Corinthian dead by the hand of Eon Squirrel, the people of Earth celebrate their victory and begin the process of rebuilding. But the temporary truce between the Union and the Empire does not last long, as the Empire returns to war with renewed vigour, seeking to take advantage of the weakened Union.

But the Union's provisional government responds in kind, launching an assault upon Angel Island itself, with the objective of capturing the floating island and Empress Sora-Ya with it. In the wake of their victory, the Empire is cowed at last and a ceasefire is negotiated between the two rival powers. Lady Ballista of Britannia is elected Chancellor of the new United Nations Government, promising a new era of peace and prosperity.

But there are still many loose ends to tie up...

The story in these pages takes place between early April 2507 and late October 2507.

Pages 551 - 600

In the closing of the year, the United Nations Space Agency launches its first deep space explorer, the Starship Lumina, on a voyage that will change the world forever, establishing Earth's first formal contact with an alien civilization and opening the world up to a much larger universe.

But on Earth, the machinery of war is still at work. Reluctantly, the Imperial Praetor, Laertes agrees to allow Empress Sora-Ya's daughter, Kari-Ya to ascend to the Imperial Throne, little knowing that her mentor, Cookirini has much more sinister designs. She reveals herself to Eon Squirrel, in the hope of seducing him to her cause. Although she fails, Eon delays in sharing what he knows, to the great cost of the Union; for even as the new Empress Kari-Ya and Chancellor Ballista sign a peace treaty formally ending the Union-Imperial War, orcs in service of Darth Acerbus launch a surprise attack upon the Union-occupied Angel Island...

The story in these pages takes place between late October 2507 and mid April, 2508.

Pages 601 - 650

With Angel Island beleaguered by orc warships, the next stroke of war by the Empire catches the Union off guard, and much of Africa falls to the Imperial Navy. In order to defeat the real mastermind behind the Imperial war machine now, Eon Squirrel learns of Cookirini's past and discovers that she is Jessi-Ka, half-sister to former Empress Sora-Ya. Together with C.J. Kitmyth, he seeks the help of the secretive Mages Guild, retrieving an ancient book of spells in the hope of using it to deprive Cookirini of her dark magics.

But, having maneuvered herself into a position of power and influence within the empire, with a host of orcs at her call, Cookirini makes her move. She betrays Kari-Ya, leaving her to die in battle in the Union's new capital city, the New Forum, and claims the Imperial Throne for herself, proclaiming herself Empress Jessi-Ka.

Meanwhile, the Starship Lumina limps to the Lylat System, after suffering a crippling blow from unknown assailants. But on Corneria, she receives repairs and upgrades, vastly extending her range and, in the meantime, the crew lay the groundwork for future diplomatic relations between the United Nations of Earth and the Cornerian Federation.

Finally, a small contingent of Jedi Knights arrives on Earth, ostensibly to assist Serena Darkstorm in her struggle against the Sith. But their intentions may not be as pure as they seem...

The story in these pages takes place between mid April 2508 and mid October, 2508.

Pages 651 - 700

With the key to victory over Empress Jessi-Ka in hand, the final battle of the Union-Imperial War begins. With her armies defeated, Jessi-Ka faces Eon Squirrel and his fellow Jedi in the ruins of the Imperial Palace and, although victory seems near, her power cannot be so easily undone. But, at the last, when Eon is left to face her alone, C.J. Kitmyth sacrifices himself to cast the banishment spell, severing Jessi-Ka from her dark powers. However, before Eon can deliver the killing stroke, he discovers that Jessi-Ka -- Darth Acerbus the Sith Lord -- is no more and all that is left is the old Cookirini -- horrified by what she has done...

The war is over. But even as the Union welcomes the hitherto occupied states back into its fold, a new threat to the people of Earth manifests from space. Diplomatic relations between the United Nations of Earth and the Martian Confederate Republic, already strained as they are, are put under further pressure. Meanwhile, Blaze the Cat returns from her world -- Earth in a parallel universe -- bearing ill news: Doctor Eggman is alive and he is coming for revenge...

On the space front, the crew of the Starship Lumina discovers that her attackers were part of the Twilight Force, and organisation dedicated to the downfall of the Galactic Elvish Imperium, and unafraid of destroying entire star systems to do so. But a second encounter with the eldar in which a member of Lumina's crew is murdered by the eldar general, FŽanturi leads Captain Ramirez to reconsider diplomatic relations with the Imperium...

The story in these pages takes place between mid October 2508 and early April 2509.

Pages 701 - 750

All is not well with Serena Darkstorm's former Jedi comrades on Regulan IV, as a ship carrying refugees fleeing from their purges arrives in the Terran System. Waylaid by the Martian Confederate Fleet, a skirmish ensues between Earth and Mars ships, resulting in the destruction of a Confederate warship. Along with the launch of Earth's first interstellar warship, the mighty U.N.S. Invincible, under the command of Captain Darryl Fennec, the incident puts further strain on the already tried relations between Earth and Mars.

Seeking to repair damaged interplanetary relations, Queen Sakura journeys to Mars as an ambassador for Earth in order to seek a diplomatic resolution. However, on Mars, Sakura is contacted by the Jovian resistance, who reveal to her the conditions of life on the moons of Jupiter, territorial possessions of the Martian Confederacy. The Martian authorities attempt to murder Sakura before she can report her findings back to Earth, but she is saved by the timely arrival of the U.N.S. Invincible. Her mission, however, proves to have failed, when Mars formally declares war against Earth.

With the state of war as a pretext, the Confederacy begins a brutal campaign against the Jovian resistance. Overwhelmed by the ferociousness of the Confederate assault, the leader of the resistance pleads with Earth to send aid.

Meanwhile, the newly founded United Nations Jedi Order discovers that remnants of the Empire have fled to a secret base on the Saturnite moon, Titan.

The story in these pages takes place between early April 2509 and the end of October 2509.

Pages 751 - 800

Unable to ignore the Confederate oppression of Jupiter any longer, Chancellor Ballista calls for a declaration of war against Mars. Earth sends a fleet to Jupiter to liberate the colonies, in the hope that cutting them off from their resources there will force them to abandon the war. However, although the battle is a success and the Jovian resistance is able to establish a new Jupiter Alliance to serve as a provisional government, President Zingaro of Mars is unwilling to yield; he promises instead to retake Jupiter and to deal Earth so crushing a blow that it will never again threaten the Martian Confederate Republic.

The story in these pages takes place between the beginning of November 2509 and early May 2510.

Pages 801 - 843

The Confederacy launches a two-pronged attack upon the Union, beginning with an assault upon Venus Colony, followed by a stealth attack on Earth itself. Although the attackers are defeated, over twenty cities are bombed from orbit, with a catastrophic death toll, numbering in the tens of thousands. In the aftermath of the assault, Chancellor Ballista draws up plans with Chairman Merlin of the Jupiter Alliance for a final confrontation with Mars, culminating in a massive assault upon the planet itself. However, faced with invasion and defeat, Confederate Vice President Viehman has the deranged President Zingaro removed from office and offers the unconditional surrender of the Confederacy.

In the wake of the war, Chancellor Ballista negotiates a new peace treaty with now President Viehman of Mars and Chairman Merlin of Jupiter, laying the foundation for a new Terran Union that will eventually succeed the existing United Nations of Earth, Martian Confederate Republic, and Jupiter Alliance, ushering in a new era of peace and cooperation between the peoples of the Sol system.

The story in these pages takes place between early May 2510 and early February 2511. Eon's World 2.0 picks up the story from soon after.


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